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sreda, 30. julij 2014

ZDA; Janez Janša je bil podkupljen!

E.O. 12958: DECL: 05/24/2017 
Classified By: COM Thomas B. Robertson for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d) 
1. (S) Summary.  Nearly one year after the Slovenian Ministry 
of Defense (MOD) announced that Finnish defense contractor 
Patria won a 330 million USD (263 million Euro) contract to 
supply 135 8x8 armored vehicles to the GoS, the issue 
continues to dominate headlines amid allegations of cost 
overruns and non-transparency in the selection process. 
Opposition leaders forced a special session of Parliament in 
February and succeeded in gaining parliamentary authorization 
in March for an inquiry commission to review the purchase. 
The government coalition responded by creating a similar 
commission in April to review all defense purchases, 
including those made when the current opposition parties ran 
the government.  With dueling parliamentary investigations up 
and running and October 2008 parliamentary elections coming 
slowly into view, questions surrounding Slovenia's largest 
defense purchase in the 15 years since independence grow 
increasingly aggressive.  More troubling yet, the purchase is 
just the most prominent example of a defense acquisition 
process that is opaque, political, and increasingly 
inhospitable to U.S. firms.  While Slovenian military 
contacts continue a close and cordial relationship with their 
U.S. interlocutors at all levels, it is increasingly apparent 
that political influence from above is guiding the hands of 
officials making acquisition decisions.  End Summary. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
2. (C) Since the Slovenian Ministry of Defense's (MOD) 
announcement on June 12, 2006 that Finnish defense contractor 
Patria won a 330 million USD (263 million Euro) contract to 
supply 135 8x8 armored vehicles to the GoS (reftel), post has 
followed months of simmering allegations beginning with 
complaints of non-transparency in the tender review and 
selection process, talk of significant cost discrepancies 
between the tender amount and what the GoS would eventually 
pay, disputes about how the quality of the two competing 
vehicles and the overall bids were compared, and allegations 
that (in a cost cutting maneuver) the contract allows for the 
delivery of vehicles that are not properly equipped. 
3. (C) Given that the losing (and only other) bidder in the 
controversial tender was a company with U.S. interest -- 
Slovenian defense company Sistemska Tehnika (ST), which is 70 
percent owned by Slovenia-based Viator & Vektor (V&V) 
and 12.7 percent owned by Austria-based Steyr-Daimler-Puch, 
which, in turn, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the General 
Dynamics (GD) corporation -- COM has repeatedly raised 
concerns about the transparency and efficacy of the GoS,s 
8X8 deal with Patria (as well as other defense acquisition 
tenders involving U.S. bidders) at the highest level 
including Prime Minister Janez Jansa (June and December), and 
both former and current Chiefs of Defense Ladislav 
Lipic (June) and Albin Gutman (July and November). 
4. (C) Dozens of front-page newspaper articles, political 
cartoons, and opinion pieces questioned the GoS's choice of 
Patria.  Events held by the losing bidder ST to formally 
present its armored vehicle 8x8 -- the Krpan -- in 
manufacturing site Ravne na Koroskem and in Ljubljana further 
fueled the fire in mid-October, and resulted in a print 
advertising campaign from Patria -- the first time Slovenia 
has seen a public advertising campaign for weapons and 
military equipment -- calling the Krpan into question. 
5. (SBU) "Tough and merciless" negotiations (as described by 
Slovenian press) between the MOD and representatives of 
Patria and its local partner, Rotis, to sign a formal 
contract dragged on for over six months (from June 12 to 
December 19) before the parties agreed on costs, offsets, and 
the inclusion of Slovenian industry in the vehicles, 
production.  But signing the paperwork put to rest only one 
part of the controversy. 
6. (SBU) Another issue was the ongoing debate about where the 
Patria 8x8 will be built in Slovenia, with losing bidder ST 
owning the only active military vehicle assembly plant in the 
country (in Ravne na Koroskem).  Patria's local 
representative Rotis said that Slovenian home appliance 
manufacturer Gorenje (the lead subcontractor for the Patria 
deal despite its lack of a military branch) would ultimately 
be the manufacturer and assembler of the vehicles. Media 
reports in December highlighted rumors that ST owners Viator 
& Vektor (and its parent company General Dynamics) are 
considering selling ST or simply the assembly plant in Ravne 
na Koroskem to Gorenje, given that ST no longer has an 
interest in the production of 8x8 vehicles in Slovenia.  The 
move would effectively allow production in the same plant by 
the same workers as the ST bid called for, but under 
ownership of the preferred bidder.  Gorenje leadership said 
that acquiring ST was not in its plans, however the General 
Manager of Rotis Ivan Crnkovic said, in media interviews, 
that it would be a "winning formula for the Slovenian 
economy."  On January 31 Gorenje announced that it would 
build parts and assemble the vehicles at a Gorenje facility 
in the town of Sostanj, though Gorenje CEO Franjo Bobinac 
told media that Gorenje would not exclude the possibility of 
cooperation with other Slovenian companies, including ST. 
Media reports April 19 said that Gorenje had received 
building permits for a 9,000 square meter plant in Sostanj 
that would be operational by fall 2007, with the first 
Slovenian-produced Patria armored vehicle coming out sometime 
in 2008.  ST's new general manager announced February 20 that 
the company would split into two units, one military and one 
civilian, with the bulk of ST's future interests coming from 
the latter's production of consumer products.  There has been 
no further decision on the future of ST's Ravne na Koroskem 
military vehicle assembly plant. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
7. (C) Opposition leaders strongly stepped up criticism of 
the 8x8 armored vehicles purchase this spring calling an 
extraordinary session of Parliament on February 15 to discuss 
the matter.  The chief target of criticism continues to be 
Minister of Defense Karl Erjavec though he has steadfastly 
fought back critics and, thus far has withstood rumors that 
the deal will ultimately lead to his departure from the MOD. 
In a press conference called to respond to the move for an 
extraordinary session of Parliament, Erjavec reiterated that 
the deal was in conformity with the tender and the rules, 
that legislation allows members of Parliament to look at 
documents from the MOD, but that they must protect business 
secrets, that the whole episode is a political smear from the 
opposition parties, and that the media is to blame for 
stoking the fire of the controversy.  Before the session took 
place, the Parliamentary Defense Committee rejected every 
resolution opposition members had hoped to pass, including 
ones that said that Minister of Defense Karl Erjavec had 
knowingly misled the public about the price of the vehicle 
purchase and another that said the purchase was harmful to 
Slovenia.  The actual session was a highly politicized 
back-and-forth with opposition leaders repeating their 
criticisms of the deal and government coalition leaders, 
including Erjavec, refuting the criticism and highlighting 
the purchase's benefits for the Slovenian economy and for 
Slovenia's ability to contribute to NATO.  Several members of 
Parliament said the purchase was a return to past practices, 
and that non-transparent, even corrupt, practices were a 
regular occurrence throughout the history of the MOD.  They 
also seized on the fact that the director of Patria's local 
partner, Rotis, was an aide to Prime Minister Janez Jansa 
when he was the Minister of Defense. 
8. (SBU) March 30, opposition leaders succeeded in getting 
Parliamentary approval for an inquiry commission to look into 
the purchase.  Specifically, it is charged with determining 
if the tender for the vehicle purchase favored any particular 
bidder, what the exact details are for the purchase, and to 
investigate the responsibility of public officeholders in 
hindering oversight of the MOD and the Slovenian Armed 
Forces.  The coalition failed to expand the inquiry more 
generally to defense acquisitions, and thus decided to pursue 
a second inquiry commission to look at defense acquisitions 
deals in Slovenia from 1994 to 2007 (including the purchase 
of 6x6 armored vehicles, 155mm Howitzers, Pilatus turbo prop 
airplanes and a government jet, as well as the refurbishment 
of T-55 tanks) during the majority of which the current 
center-left opposition parties held the government.  The 
inquiry commissions were formally established in late April 
and began work in May.  They have yet to release any official 
findings and have no official deadlines. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
9. (S/NF) Publicly and in official meetings with the COM and 
EmbOffs, government officials including Gutman and 
Jansa have consistently used one set of talking points, 
stating that it will stick with the Patria bid, that the 
Patria bid was superior in all areas of review (quality of 
product, cost, and commercial impact), that Sistemska 
Tehnika's bid was clearly inferior, that ST's poor 
performance was a result of poor preparation and 
overconfidence that it would secure the deal, and that the 
entire tender process was "by the book."  One notable 
exception was the (now retired) Commander of the Training and 
Doctrine Command, Brigadier Jozef Zunkovic (strictly 
protect), who privately told ODC Chief June 22 that the 
decision had been "political" and that the Patria was "not 
the vehicle we (i.e. the military) wanted."  Other senior SAF 
leaders close to the Embassy, including the generally affable 
and open Deputy Chief of Defense Alojz Steiner and former 
Chief of Defense Ladislav Lipic have been particularly tight 
lipped about the decision. 
10. (S/NF) In a December conversation with Jansa, COM asked 
about rumored forty percent cost overruns on the Patria deal 
and commentary that the GOS would have to do without key 
elements of the vehicle (including floatability and radio 
encryption) or reduce the number of vehicles purchased to 
meet the original cost limitations.  Jansa demurred and 
claimed not to have any information on the issue, saying that 
the issue was in Erjavec's portfolio and that it was his job 
to make sure everything transpired in a transparent matter. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
11. (C) The decision to purchase Patria's armored vehicles 
are only the most prominent example of the negative recent 
experiences of USG corporations competing for open defense 
contracts from the GOS.  In spring 2007, U.S.-based Cubic 
Corporation lost a two way competition to provide a tactical 
engagement simulation system as part of a broader combat 
training center project that is being heavily supported by 
the Embassy's Office of Defense Cooperation.  Post strongly 
advocated for the MOD to consider the benefits of purchasing 
from Cubic (via Foreign Military Sales) in order to ensure 
future training nteroperability with U.S. forces and given 
Cubic's overwhelming role as the leader in this market.  The 
USD 7 million contract was awarded to Swedish firm Saab in a 
deal that Embassy contacts have also identified as 
non-transparent and corrupt.  EmbOffs have also heard that 
the SAF are looking at alternatives for even the most basic 
defense purchases, including spare parts and maintenance for 
SAF Hummers. 
12. (S/NF) This seeming push away from American defense 
corporations came in line with the strange appointment of 
Marjan Senica to the post of Director General of the 
Directorate of Logistics (which also handles acquisitions) at 
the MOD in mid-2006.  Senica was previously the director of 
Slovenian corporation STO-Ravne, but was dismissed in 2002, 
after pressure from Embassy officials, because of his direct 
involvement in efforts to export military goods from Slovenia 
to Syria.  After a brief time in the position (during which 
the Patria deal was made), Senica moved to the deputy 
position in the directorate.  Embassy contacts say that 
Senica is pushing a generally "anything but American" 
ideology into the acquisitions office at the MOD. 
- - - - 
- - - - 
13. (S/NF) Over the past year, post has closely followed 
allegations from mainstream media, political pundits, and 
internal and external observers of the MOD, with all parties 
reporting that the selection and negotiation process used by 
the MOD in the acquisition of the 8x8 armored vehicles was 
faulty.  At best, the selection and negotiation processes 
have lacked transparency, with the public still not receiving 
a detailed account of how GoS money is being spent, and what 
it is getting in return.  At worst, industry insiders tell us 
they suspect criminal actions, including bribes and major 
political party payoffs, in exchange for the lucrative 
contract.  Some have even suggested the vehicle purchase was 
a conduit for the filling of campaign coffers in advance of 
the first big test of the ruling coalition, parliamentary 
elections in 2008. 
14. (S/NF) According to a clandestine source with direct 
access to an empoloyee of Rotis, Prime Minister Jansa's SDS 
received more than 2.8 million Euro from Patria "under the 
table" as part of the deal for armored vehicles.  The source 
also noted that Sto Ravne had failed to offer a similar 
contributuion to Jansa's party. 
15. (S) Given the smallness of Slovenia, the familiar cast of 
characters surrounding the controversy is not all that 
surprising.  Nor is the fact that a "smoking gun" has not 
emerged because of Slovenia's complete lack of investigative 
reporting.  How the controversy will play out now that 
parliamentarians are on the case remains to be seen.  What is 
certain is that the political knives are out, and it is 
possible that this controversial defense deal may be the 
fight that frames the next few years of Slovenian politics. 
16. (S) Another consideration is Slovenian interest in 
furthering its ties in Europe and cementing itself into the 
European military industrial complex.  While Slovenian 
military contacts continue a close and cordial relationship 
with their U.S. interlocutors at all levels, it is possible 
that MOD leaders do not see "buying American" as particularly 
valuable in further enhancing the bilateral relationship. 
The decision to go with Finnish Patria was hailed by the 
Finns and was politically useful for a government that wants 
to burnish its credibility as the first among the newest 
members of the EU.  While the GOS urgently prepares to take 
the helm of the European Union in January, the very "Balkan" 
story of its defense acquisitions process reminds us that 
while Slovenia has come very far, there is still a ways to go. 

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sreda, 23. julij 2014

Ko je Janez na prisilnem dopustu

V soboto sredi vročega popoldneva se odpravim v mesto in na prazni Miklošičevi, pred sodiščem zagledamshod fanatikov s transparenti in zastavo, ki sami sebi pripovedujejo zgodbice o veliki krivici in zatrti resnici. Policaja, ki sta po uradni dolžnosti stala na kraju dogajanja, sta se zgolj nasmejala, ko sta videla mojo začudeno faco. Sredi sodnih počitnic v soboto popoldne, ko ni okoli nobene duše, so imeli svoj verski ritual v počastitev malikovanih junakov. Tokrat so poleg skandiranja “Janša, Janša” vpili še “Tone, Tone”. Prizor je bil res bizaren in surealen hkrati.
Kar samo od sebe se mi vsiljuje primerjava med mladimi, ki so zaradi svoje invalidnosti prisiljeni ali če hočete obsojeni brez krivde živeti v domu za ostarele in blaznim kravalom, ki ga z dneva v dan gledamo zaradi zakonitega in zasluženega zaprtja JJ. Njegovi podporniki se pod krinko civilne iniciative očitno združujejo zgolj politično ideološko in se dobesedno požvižgajo na številne res hude in prave kršitve človekovih pravic, ki se dogajajo malemu človeku okoli nas. Saj bi se v nasprotnem primeru morali veliko prej posvetiti drugim posameznikom ali skupinam in tudi drugim temam.
Že tako je JJ privilegiran zapornik, čeprav se v vodstvu zavoda trudijo, da bi dajali drugačen vtis; da je zgolj eden med enakimi, se ve, da to ni. Že drugi dan je bil na odprtem oddelku in je lahko sprejemal obiske, sedaj po 30 dneh sprejemnega obdobja pa bo lahko že odhajal na večurne izhode iz zapora in celo dvodnevne odhode domov. V ta namen so mu že izdelali t.i. osebni načrt. Le-tega imajo tudi v nekaterih bolj privilegiranih domovih starejših občanov (v nadaljevanju DSO), kjer živijo mlajši invalidi, a ti ne predvidevajo izhodov iz doma. Le redko se jih v praksi dejansko izvaja, saj zaradi pomanjkanja negovalnega osebja se nujna življenjska opravila uporabnika zreducirajo na golo vegetiranje. Osnovna osebna nega in hranjenje. Kopanje na dva tedena in še to na njihov način, odvajanje po njihovih pravilih in ne glede na uporabnikove potrebe in želje. Tudi sranje je poseben privilegij, ki je normiran, kontroliran in pod posebno proceduro.
V zaporih pa je očitno precej drugače. “Osebni načrt je pisni dogovor med obsojencem in zavodom o vseh pomembnih vsebinah in dejavnostih med prestajanjem kazni ter predstavlja individualiziran načrt prestajanja kazni in priprave na odpust vsakega obsojenca - zajema vsa področja življenja in delovanja. V njem morajo biti opredeljeni vsi cilji, dejavnosti, aktivnosti in akterji, ki bodo pripeljali do uresničitve načrta. Z obsojencem je sklenjen v pisni obliki ob koncu sprejemnega obdobja.” Za kaznjenca je celo predviden dopust, prosto-časovne in športno rekreativne aktivnosti. Obsojenci imajo na oddelku na voljo sobo, namenjeno rekreaciji, imajo tudi možnost uporabe zunanjih igrišč za balinanje, tenis in odbojko. Obsojenci se lahko tudi poslužujejo garsonjere.
"Zaradi majhnih varnostnih tveganj in dejstva, da gre za osebnostno urejene obsojence, se taka oblika obiska v odprtem režimu lahko podeli že takoj po nastopu kazni, ko še traja sprejemno obdobje,"pojasnjujejo na URSIKS-u. Zelo pomenljiva je formulacija s katero vodstvo zaporov razlaga svoje mehkejše pristope in ugodnosti, ki jih namenjajo zaporniku Janezu Janši po lastni arbitrarni “strokovni” presoji. Na vodstvo zavoda smo že poslali prošnjo za obrazložitev tovrstne formulacije oz. pojasnitev psiholoških in drugih značilnosti takšne osebe z razliko od nekoga, ki to ni.
Na drugi strani pa iz varnostnih razlogov delavci v DSO Bežigrad na silo, proti njihovi volji kopajo uporabnike v ležečem položaju in iz istih razlogov jih tudi klistirajo in ter nato pustijo, da nekaj ur ležijo, dokler ne opravijo svojih fizioloških potreb. Da ne govorimo o velikosti sob in skupnih prostorov v DSO Bežigrad v primerjavi s sobami in drugih prostorov kaznjencev na Dobu; slednje so bistveno večje in manj utesnjene. Vabljeni, da primerjavo preverite na lastne oči. Še ena posebna značilnost domov za ostarele, ki se šteje kot nadstandard in je torej posebej plačljiva s strani uporabnika, je večkratno obračanje ponoči (za tiste, ki sami zaradi svojega hendikepa tega ne zmorejo) ter pomoč pri hranjenju izven obrokov. Obsojenci pa so v zavodih za prestajanje kazni na davkoplačevalski račun, njim se nihče v zameno za plačilo ne usede na nepremičnino.
Naj se “civilna pobuda” Odbor 2014 ukvarja tudi s podobnimi primerjavami kršenja človekovih pravic, da bodo dobili bolj realno sliko stanja v državi.

elena pečarič

ponedeljek, 21. julij 2014

Očka na službenem potovanju?

Ne vem, kaj naj rečem Črtomirju, se je debelo zlagala Urška Bačovnik Janša. Soproga prvega obsojenca v državi ima smisel za humor! 

Janez je na službenem potovanju! Se strinjate z Urško, da to drži? 

Janez Janša ruši to državo, krade in pusti krasti. Janez to ne počne zasebno oz. v prostem času. Ruši, laže, krade in uničuje v službenem času. Politika je njegova služba, službena pot na konferenco lopovov pa delovna obveznost. Urška torej ne laže starejšemu sinu! Očka je na službenem potovanju!

Kdor Janeza zares pozna!? Če Urška misli, da ga pozna, je njena težava. Zares poznamo ga redki izbranci. Janez ni včeraj po Savi priplaval, Urška Bačovnik. Njegova toplina je res neizmerna. Sploh, kadar tepe ženske.

Rosvito Pesek je na vrtu hotela Turist udaril pred ostalimi gosti. A zakaj? Ker mu je težila, da je noseča z njim. Sedem mesecev kasneje, je rodila sina Filipa. Očka je Janez Janša!

Nika Dolinar, ta vdana in zaslepljena ženska, bi lahko kaj več povedala o toplini Janeza Janše. Nika Dolinar je večkrat okusila težko roko in tanke živce predsednika SDS-a. 

Špela Predan mi je sama zaupala, da jo je Janez Janša pretepal. 

Nina Orel je obrnila hrbet stranki in predsedniku Janši, ko ji je slednji poskušal storiti silo. Prav ste prebrali, Janez Janša je na starem sedežu stranke SDS na Komenskega, poskušal posiliti Nino Orel. Pri poskusu je ostalo samo zato, ker se Janezu ni dvignil.

Odvetnica Nina Zidar Klemenčič je kolegu Janezu Stušku zaupala, da je ljubezensko afero z Janšo prekinila, ko jo je prvič udaril. Udaril pa jo je, ker je zagovarjala delo svojega soproga Gorana Klemenčiča. Klofuto ji je namenil, ko sta se zvečer skrivaj sestala v sobi, ki so jo sicer uporabljali Janševi varnostniki.

Janeza je ena sama toplina in resnica. Slovenija joče na barikadah. Župnik Turinek bo pretepel dve ali tri vernice, za Janeza seveda.

Sicer pa je Janez pička po duši. Mlahav, pomehkužen in brez kondicije, je lahek plen. Znaša se nad šibkejšim spolom, pred svetom pa se obdaja z varnostniki. (usekaj ga nazaj)

Janez je heroj, zapomnite si to, je rekel Pojbič in usekal babo poleg!

Janez je v resnici tipičen psihopat. Na srečo žene in otrok, je trenutno na službenem potovanju! klapEND

MIKSTONE povezava

petek, 18. julij 2014

Smrt domobranstvu, živela Huda jama







Ko govorite ali govorimo o povojnih pobojih,
vsi pomislijo (te) na največji človeški zločin po 2. svetovni vojni !!

1. Povojni poboji niso bili izvajani le v Sloveniji ampak
so bili prisotni tudi drugod. Na primeru Francija je
pobila več kot 100 000 svojih državljanov. Pa tudi ob meji

2. Povojni poboji so nastali tudi zaradi nasilnega ravnanja
DOMOBRANCEV nad Partizanskimi družinami, kar je po
vojni vzbudilo veliko maščevanja in sovraštva nad DOMOBRANCI.

3. Zadnje dejstvo je tudi to da so današnje oblasti prikrile
vse dokaze, da so domobrancem sodili na vojnem sodišču,
kjer so skoraj vse domobranske vojake brez sankcij pustili
k svojim družinam.

Partizani so bili milostni z izdajalci, zato pa imamo danes stranko SDS in fašista Janeza Janšo!

sobota, 12. julij 2014

Glas za Slovenijo

Dragi moji bralci. Da vas ne zavedem preveč. Jaz res ne grem na volitve, ker se me v resnici ne tičejo. Svoje prihodnosti ne vidim med vami, ki boste ostali v tej izgubljeni deželi. Tisti, ki nameravate še vztrajati v Sloveniji, pa le pojdite na volitve. Saj si ne želite, da vam kriminalec Janez Janša iz države naredi cerkveno sranje. Pojdite v nedeljo na volišča in dajte svoj glas nekomu na levici. Edino razumno dejanje v nedeljo je glas levici!
Glas levici je glas razuma in prihodnosti za vse vas. Srečno Slovenija (kako patetično)!
PS, ZAB in VERJAMEM nimajo šans za vstop v parlament. Ne stran metat glasov, požrite cmok njihovi volilci in glasujte za SD, ZL, DESUS ali SMC. To je edina prava pot.

četrtek, 10. julij 2014

Vsakršna podobnost je zgolj naključna

Domobranci = SDS Janez Janša
Nekoč so izdajalci lastnega naroda z dvignjeno roko prisegli nacistični Nemčiji in Hitlerju. Danes njihovi potomci z dvignjeno roko pozdravljajo obsojenega kriminalca Janšo.

ponedeljek, 7. julij 2014

Odprto pismo katoliški cerkvi v Sloveniji.

Javno sprašujem: kje je morala, o kateri nam pridigate s prižnic?

Odprto pismo katoliški cerkvi v Sloveniji.

Ker sem vse bolj in bolj zaprepadena nad delovanjem Cerkve v Sloveniji in kot verna katoličanka tudi globoko pretresena, sem se odločila, da na vas naslovim javno, odprto pismo.

Da ne bo pomote, se najprej iskreno opravičujem in izvzemam iz svojega pisanja vse tiste duhovnike, ki so se resnično s srcem odločili za svoj poklic in ga temu primerno tudi opravljajo - svojo vero ne le delijo, temveč jo živijo. Z vso odgovornostjo se zavedajo poslanstva, ki so si ga izbrali. Kar nekaj takih sem imela priložnost osebno spoznati, in jim tu namenjam svoj globok poklon.

Kot inštitucija pa ste me razočarali do konca! Zavedam se, da sleherno ustanovo sestavlja večja ali manjša množica ljudi in s tem vsa paleta človeških hotenj in značajskih lastnosti. Vendar pa med Cerkvijo in vsemi ostalimi obstaja ena gromozanska razlika: Cerkev naj bi bila pričevalka Boga, oznanjevalka Kristusove besede »vera, upanje, ljubezen... to troje«!

Dogajanje v vaših vrstah, ki ga spremljam že vrsto let, pa žal priča o velikem sprenevedanju, mlačnosti, lažeh, pohlepu in nepoštenju. Mnogokrat ohol in neprijazen odnos do ljudi, po vašem okusu prirejena pravila glede razvezanih in cerkvene razveljavitve zakonske zveze (knjiga Zakon, ki ga ni bilo), so pri vsem tem le kapljica v morje vaše hinavščine.

Da ne bom predolga, se bom tu dotaknila le treh vaših, v nebo vpijočih nečednosti.

Prva je vaš skrajno neodgovoren, malomaren in sprenevedav odnos do žrtev duhovniške pedofilije, za katero dobro veste, da je razširjen pojav in da naša država ni izjema. Namesto, da bi sleherno tako dejanje ostro obsodili, uvedli preventivne ukrepe in psihološko testiranje vsakega duhovniškega novinca, ščitite storilce in jih v najboljšem primeru »nagradite« s premestitvijo na drugo delovno mesto. Če storilec seveda prej ne umre.

Zastrašujoče in nedopustno je, da tako ravna Cerkev, ki bi morala biti prva in največja zagovornica svetosti in nedotakljivosti človeškega telesa. Sprašujem vas: kdaj boste prevzeli odgovornost? Kje je vaše iskreno obžalovanje? Kje javno opravičilo in izplačilo odškodnin žrtvam? Čeprav nič od tega ne more izbrisati madeža, ki ga mlademu človeku zapusti spolna zloraba.

Drug velik madež na vaši inštituciji je neizmeren pohlep, ki se je dodobra zalezel v cerkvene vrhove. Ne, ne govorim o tem, da bi, kakor Kristus, morali hoditi bosi ali da bi se morali voziti s kolesi. Tudi ne bom na dolgo razpredala o razkošju, prestižnih avtomobilih, luksuznih rezidencah (kakršno je domovanje gospoda Rodeta), čeprav sem mnenja, da si kot duhovna ustanova tolikšnih pretiravanj ne bi smeli privoščiti. S sredstvi, ki ste jih ali jih še vlagate v svoje kraljevsko udobje, bi lahko služili tistim, katerim je Cerkev namenjena - LJUDEM! V obliki humanitarne pomoči in ureditve tistih prostorov, ki ste jih prejeli v denacionalizacijskih postopkiih, za različne dejavnosti mladih ali starejših. Mimogrede, srce me zaboli vsakič, ko me pot zapelje mimo moje domače cerkve Sv.Terezije deteta Jezusa, ki je danes skupaj z razpadajočim bivšim kinom Triglav obdana z visoko kovinsko ograjo z ošiljenimi konicami.

Toda ne! Vi ste se šli biznis. Biznis brez primere. Najhujši tajkunski biznis! Okradli ste ljudi, ki so vam zaupali. Potem se vljudno in niti najmanj prepričljivo pokesate, pred javnost stopi gospod Štuhec in izjavi: »Verniki so nam že marsikaj oprostili, bodo pa še to« in stvar je za vas opravljena. Groza me je pomisliti na resnični namen vašega ravnanja in na »strice iz ozadja«, čeprav morda niti niso več tako neznani, toda drznem si predvidevati, da je šlo za preprosto formulo »bogastvo=moč=oblast«.

Javno vas sprašujem, kje je morala, o kateri nam pridigate s prižnic? Kdaj boste iz svojih vrst odstranili vse tiste, ki se upajo javno žaliti ljudi in se jim posmehovati? Kdaj boste pošteno razgrnili karte in kdaj boste poplačali vse ljudi, ki so vlagali v vaša podjetja??

Zadnjega, kar želim omeniti, verjetno še dandanes ne bi spregledala v celotnem obsegu, če ne bi prišlo do zaprtja vodje SDS-a. Vaše glasno politično opredeljevanje! Ko sem še obiskovala maše, sem poskušala preslišati občasne pozive in namigovanja o tem, katera politična opcija je v redu in koga je treba voliti. Ob zadnjih dogodkih pa tega ne morem več, ker ste, milo rečeno, presegli vse meje dobrega okusa in človeške etike. Morda me to, z ozirom na vse vaše poprejšnje packarije, ne bi več smelo presenetiti. Nikakor ne morem prebaviti, da je »biti veren« praktično postalo enako »biti pripaden določeni politični opciji«. Za piko na i vsemu dogajanju, so mi pred nekaj dnevi prišla v roke Oznanila župnijske cerkve na Senovem, ki jih ureja tamkajšnji župnik gospod Janez Turinek. Naslovnico krasi idilična fotografija Janševe družine, pod njo pa citat: »Blagor vam, kadar vas bodo zaradi mene zasramovali, preganjali in vse hudo o vas lažnivo govorili. Veselite in radujte se, kajti vaše plačilo v nebesih je veliko. Tako so namreč preganjali že preroke, ki so bili pred vami.«

Ob namenjanju vseh visokoletečih citatov svojemu vodji pozabljate na neke druge besede, nad katerimi bi se bilo vredno zamisliti: »Gorje vam, pismouki in farizeji, vi hinavci! Ste kot pobeljeni grobovi, ki so na zunaj videti lepi, znotraj so pa polni mrtvaških kosti in vsakršne nesnage. Tako se tudi vi na zunaj kažete ljudem pravične, znotraj pa ste polni hinavščine in pretvarjanja.«

Jemljete si pravico, ki je preprosto nimate! In, oprostite, taki organizaciji si ne želim pripadati. Že dolgo nazaj sem pri molitvi Vere namerno izpuščala stavek »verujem v sveto katoliško cerkev«, ker v Cerkev ne verujem, še manj v njeno svetost. Svoje mnenje si ustvarjam sama. O vsem. Tudi o gospodu Janši, ki je, roko na srce, soodgovoren za stanje v Sloveniji. Vsem vam, kot posvečenim predstavnikom Boga, bi moralo biti jasno, da lovorika osamosvojitelja ne more biti pečat večne imunitete.

V čem je torej motiv za malikovanje in fanatično povzdigovanje v nebo? Tudi tu je preveč grozljivo razmišljati o ozadju. A povem vam, druga svetovna vojna je že davno končana. Obdobje po njej tudi. Prav Cerkev je tista, ki bi morala biti glasnik odpuščanja in sprave, čeprav se bojim, da se le-ta ne bo zgodila, dokler je ne bo opravil sleherni posameznik sam pri sebi. Vojna, ki jo s prikritimi interesi vodite danes, pa ne more imeti zmagovalca, temveč le poražence. Na obeh straneh.

Povejte mi, prosim, je morda Bog desne barve? Ali leve? Je desno ali levo-sredinski?

Žalostno dejstvo, o katerem so v preteklosti že večkrat spregovorili posamezni duhovniki, ki si dovolijo razmišljati izven zapovedanih okvirov, je, da je Cerkev popolnoma skrenila s poti svojega poslanstva. Ne le skrenila, hudo globoko v blato ste zabredli. Izgubili ste verodostojnost. Možgane lahko perete le še tistim, ki zaradi zaslepljenosti z zamerami niso zmožni videti realne slike.

Morali bi biti pričevalci Kristusove besede: besede, ki je ljudi blagoslavljala, ne pa delila na leve in desne. Vaš poslanstvo je, da hranite duše ljudi. Da ste jim blizu. Da podajate roko bolnim, ubogim in vsem, ki so v stiski. Da širite besede in dejanja miru in ljubezni.

Kje je torej bil vaš javen glas protesta ob vseh krajah in goljufijah, ki se v naši državi vrstijo po tekočem traku? Kje je bil vaš glas, ko je tisoče oropanih delavcev ostalo na cesti, brez vsega? Kje je bil glas za stotisoče v naši domovini, ki se jim godi krivica brez primere? In kje se je slišal vaš glas proti sužnjelastništvu, ki je popolnoma razvrednotilo človeka in družino kot osnovno celico vsake družbe? Koliko fotografij družin, ki nimajo več česa dati na krožnik, ste objavili v svojih Oznanilih in drugih medijih???

Zahtevam odgovor. Kajti že kot najstnica nisem mogla sprejemati Boga, katerega vsaka sled se izgubi izven cerkvenih zidov. Še manj sprejemam takega, ki nima več moči in vpliva niti znotraj njih.
Prava vera namreč niso visokoleteče besede, temveč način življenja. Zato je edini Bog, ki ga priznavam, tisti, ki nosi ime Poštenje, Pravičnost, Ljubezen.

Mojca Žugman, Civilna pobuda Prebujenje-pravica za vse

nedelja, 6. julij 2014

Bravo naši!

 scid:828666CF2AB44D26AFF30F33D7994057@siskaind Manager besonders korrupt 

Schmiergeld, Bestechung, Einladungen: Korruption ist in europäischen Unternehmen gängige Praxis, wie eine Studie von Ernst & Young zeigt. Auch in Deutschland liegt immer noch vieles im Argen.Von Carsten Dierig

Foto: Infografik Die Welt
Die Schweiz ist das am wenigsten korrupte Land, Slowenien schneidet am schlechtesten ab. Die Ergebnisse der Länderumfrage zur Korruption

BRAVO NAŠI,  VAŠI,  njihovi levi in desni ter tisti v sredini...

Zardeval sem od sramu, ko sem v nemškem Die Welt bral članek in gledal ta video prispevek o korupciji v Sloveniji.
V 22 letih vladanja so nas pripeljali do najbolj sramotnega, prvega mesta med najbolj skorumpiranimi državami v Evropi.

In poleg tega nas s svojimi hinavskimi in ciničnimi frisi še vedno gledajo v oči in nam serjejo o svoji poštenosti in nedolžnosti...



Pojdimo na volitve in potrdimo dosedanje vladarje. Prvo mesto pa le nekaj pomeni.
Ni se Janša zastojn mučil, kakor tudi ne Murgle. Rezultati so res zavidljivi. Dajmo jim še eno šanso, da se učvrstimo na lestvici.
Naj živi Satan našo Slovenijo. Cerkev je že povedala svoje. Bolje paktirati z Hudičem kot s to cerkvijo , ki v " Šiptarju na Dobu "  vidi rešitev.
Naj nam Hudič pomaga, ko je že Bog dvignil roke od nas.
Se vidimo na naslednjih volitvah v novem življenju. Do takrat pa Srečno